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stpicon.gifApple Loops allow you to create loops of audio that can fill the duration of a segment you are scoring.  With Apple Loops you can change the tempo, adjust pitch, and layer loops.  You have access to thousands of prerecorded music files that you can easily add drum beats, rhythm parts, melody lines, and other repeating patterns to a song.  Loops contain musical patterns that can be repeated or join several together to create a song  You can also extend a loop to fill any amount of time in a song.

Apple Loops are specially formatted AIF files which contain meta data.  The data tells Soundtrack Pro facts about the file, such as instrument, tempo, key reference, genre and transient points.  You can find your Apple Loops file by following this path:  MacHD > Library > Audio > Apple Loops > Apple > Apple Loops for Soundtrack Pro

There are many other loops available out there whether for purchase or downloaded free from sites such as macloops.com or macidol.com just to name a few.  Now, sometimes these loops that you download will open up just fine right away in Soundtrack Pro, however, most of these files will come in a zipped archive, so let's take a look at how to make these loops available in Soundtrack Pro.

In the upper-right corner of the Search Tab, click on the Setup button


The Set-up Dialog with an indexed list drops down from Soundtrack Pro's tltle bar.  In the upper-left corner of the dialog, click the Add Directory button.


Navigate to the folder containing your downloaded third-party loops and click the Open button.  The loops are added to the list in the Setup dialog, however the Search Tab won't show them yet until we've indexed them.  Soundtrack Pro has to first analyze, or index, the Apple Loops and add them to its files of audio content.  Remember that meta data we talked about earlier?  That's how Soundtrack Pro will index the loops.   Ok, so now you must click on the Index Now button located in the lower left corner of the dialog box.  A status display will show at the top to let you know when it's finished indexing.  Once it's finished, you can click on Done, and now you'll be able to locate your loops by using the Search Tab.


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