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While we've discussed storyboarding in Final Cut Pro sometime ago, it's always a good idea to plan out the way you want the buttons and links to work in your DVD project and create a storyboard here too, even before you begin your project.  It's kind of like a road map that helps you simplify the process.  By storyboarding, you may not make as many mistakes, and you may become aware of other problems like missing media or graphics.  By making a storyboard, it holds you accountable for all of the elements you need in your DVD.  This process covers the first two steps of making a DVD project; Planning and Creating.

The best way to create a storyboard is to make a visual diagram, kind of like a flowchart.  Your diagram should show you the path that the viewer will follow, from menu to menu, button to track.  Start by listing all of the media you are going to include as well as any extras you want in your DVD.  Think about how many menus you're going to need to link it all together.  Then start to draw your chart; each item in your DVD, whether it's a menu, video track, slideshow, etc, gets it's own box.

Once you have a diagram on paper of what you want your storyboard to look like, it's time to create that diagram within DVD Studio Pro.  You can do this by using the Graphical View.  Remember, you should be doing this process before even starting your project; it's not necessary to have your assets imported at this point.  You're merely constructing the skeleton of which you'll drop your assets into later.


You can even print the contents of the Graphical Tab, or save it as a PDF file, so you can fill in your structure or collaborate with a client.  You can print from the File Menu > Print Graphical View


Ok, so once you have clicked on Graphical View, you automatically have one Menu and one Track to work with.  Anytime you wish to add another menu or another track, click on Add Menu or Add Track from the Toolbar at the top.


Rename your menus and tracks to match the elements you'll be using for your project.  Now you should have a basic overview of your project.  Don't forget to Save! 


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