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Yesterday, we talked about the pre-planning stage and storyboarding in DVD Studio Pro, before you even start your project.  Next, you may want to check your Preferences, and it's important to know what each of them mean, so let's explore the Preference Pane.  We find Preferences under the DVD Studio Pro Menu.


The Preferences Pane lists everything that applies to the overall DVD project.  It also contains several other panes each containing settings for specific areas of DVD Studio Pro.  Even though you can make most of the changes within the editor and inspector windows, it will save you some time to select these settings now.

preferencepanes.gifPROJECT PREFERENCES
  • DVD Standard:  here is where you choose whether a project is SD or HD
  • Video Standard: choose if you are creating NTSC or PAL
  • Default Language
  • Applies to new projects being created, not projects that are currently open

  • Slideshows and Tracks:  duration of still images added to slideshow or video track
  • Background Color
  • SD DVD Menus, Tracks, and Slideshows:  choose your Display Mode, or aspect ratio, whether it's 4:3, 16:9 Pan-Scan, 16:9 Letterbox
  • HD DVD Menus, Tracks, and Slideshows:  choose your Resolution and Display Mode
  • Thumbnail Size:  you can choose large or small thumbnails used in the Palette or Slideshow
  • Subtitle:  controls Fade In, Length, and Fade Out
  • When creating menus, you can control the Motion Duration
  • Auto Assign button navigation: for left to right or right to left reading
  • Final Rendering:  sometimes a time-consuming process if you have motion menus; Hardware based is the fastest setting, but sometimes quality is not as good; Software based takes longer, but has consistent good quality
  • Drop Palette Delay:  determines amount of time the drop palette appears over the menu editor when dragging an asset to it
  • Video Background Color
  • When creating tracks, you can select Marker Prefix Root Name
  • Generate Marker Names
  • Snap To:  GOP is a group of pictures; controls where marker snaps to if you place one in the middle of the timeline
  • Thumbnail Offset:  allows you to determine the video frame of an asset; helps you allieviate a ton of black thumbnails
  • Default Language
  • Space bar toggles between play/pause:  controls for when you are viewing a track
  • Fix invalid markers on build
  • Find matching audio when dragging:  automatically locates an audio file with the same name video file
  • applies to the Menu and Subtitle Editors
  • Rulers: show or hide
  • Units: units the rulers will show; px, cm, in, %
  • Guides:  show or hide; change the color of the guides
  • applies when adding text to a menu, button, or subtitle
  • Show:  subtitles, menus, or buttons
  • Font
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Offsets
  • settings for Menu and Subtitle Editors
  • Show:  whether or not to show the settings for editors
  • Mapping Type:  Chroma or Grayscale; usually only used when using advanced overlays
  • Set:  only used when Selection State is set to Selected or Activated
  • Key, Color, Opacity
  • Palette:  color selection
  • Default Language Settings:  Audio, Subtitle, and DVD Menu
  • Features:  enables DVD access web links
  • Region Code: simulates all or a specific region
  • Playback Output:  Video, Audio, Resolution, and Display Mode
  • controls the location of files being created throughout the authoring process
  • Show:  choose which process of the path you want to set
  • Location and Path
  • choose settings that control the embedded MPEG encoder
Remember with each of these preference panes, you must click on Apply to apply the current settings and then click OK


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