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You can tell deliver a Standard Definition DVD, with HD versions of the video on the disc as well? To add High Definition video to a standard definition DVD, add it as DVD ROM content. The viewer will not be able to view the HD video on their DVD player, but as long as they have the Quicktime Player, or iTunes they will be able to view the HD version that you have added as DVD ROM content.


DVD Studio Pro is only going to allow you to have total disc usage of 4.7 gb ( on a standard DVD5), so you will want to keep the file size of whatever you are adding to the DVD ROM as small as possible. You probably will not have the space to add a 1920 x 1080 Apple Pro Res movie unless the total length of the video is under 4 minutes. The Apple TV setting will produce a 1280 x 720 Quicktime movie that will compress to a manageable size that will not cause you to need to leave too much space for the DVD ROM content.  When producing the Mpeg 2 video in Compressor, you can add the Apple TV setting to the same batch, and Compressor will do everything at once.

If you are adding the DVD ROM when you a doing a Build/Format in DVD Studio Pro, be sure to make sure you have the disc space before doing so, because DVD Studio Pro will not update the Disc Meter unless you add the content at the Disc level in the Inspector.
It would be a good idea to explain to the viewer how to access the HD content. In most cases, you will probably just tell them if they put this DVD into their computer, they will be able to access the HD content directly from a “HD Contentâ€? folder on the disc. You don’t want to claim that you have produced a HD DVD, because you have not. More and more people have their computer integrated into their home entertainment system, and for these people being able to play the HD version instead of the SD version will be much appreciated. For that matter if you know that you are delivering to someone who will be viewing your video from a computer, you could just deliver a full res 1920 x 1080 version on a thumb drive. Not only will they be getting superior HD, but it will be something that if they needed to edit it down the road, it would be ready to go right into a NLE system. 


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