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The Filters Tab in Final Cut Pro is where effects for a clip appear and where their parameters can be adjusted and keyframed.  All Final Cut Pro filters are found within the Effects Tab.  The Effects Tab is a separate window with a tab at the top of the Browser window.  Within the Effects tab, you will see a list of different types of Effects.  The Filter category contains separate folders for the different types of filters.  Each type of filter can also be opened up by clicking on the disclosure triangles to see each type of a particular filter.  For example, by twirling down the disclosure triangle for Blur, you will see that there is more than one kind of Blur to choose from.

You can apply video filters directly to clips in the Timeline just by dragging the filter from the Effects Tab right onto the clip in the Timeline.  Depending on the filter, you may see the effect it has on a clip right away.  Some filters require parameter adjustments until you can actually see the effect.  To adjust the filter parameters, double-click on a clip that contains the video filter.  The Filters Tab then appears at the top of the Viewer window.  The Filters Tab here provides a list of the parameters that you can adjust for each separate filter.

filters2.gifThere is no limit to the number of filters that you can apply to a video clip; you can stack different filters onto the same clip.  Although it is easiest to apply filters to clips by dragging them from the Effects Tab into the Timeline, it is still important to know that you can also apply filters to clips by using the Effects Menu.  If you are using the Effects Menu and not the Effects Tab to apply filters, make sure your clip is highlighted in the Timeline before selecting a filter from the Menu.  Otherwise, the filter is applied to all video layers based on where the playhead indicator is parked.
filters3.gif You can also apply video filters to just a portion of a clip.  To do this, you will use the Range Selection Tool.


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