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Genius Gear ShopWe've been teaching digital video workflows for a long time, and we've gotten good at finding the right hardware to make those workflows run smoothly.  Finally, we're proud to share our gear finds outside of our classroom: introducing the Genius Gear Shop.

We're starting out small.  Today, we're launching with just a couple of the products that our students have liked best.  For each product, we're working on an honest, hands-on video review to explain why we think it's worth a look -- and we'll give you a discounted price if you'd like to buy it directly from us.  

Speaking of videos, we're also selling video walkthroughs and completed project files of several of our tutorials.  You're more than welcome to tweak the project files for your own projects.

Read on for an introduction to some of our new products ... or head on over to the store and browse around!
Our classroom has a Logic editing keyboard at every workstation -- and by the end of the class, almost every student decides to buy one to take home.  One of the most important ways to save time in the edit suite is to use the keyboard rather than the mouse.  Unfortunately, there are dozens of keyboard shortcuts, and they're hard to remember.  These color-coded keyboards expose the specific shortcuts that your editing software uses, so you can learn them faster than ever.

Also, our students often ask about recording good-quality voiceovers at minimal cost.  If, like many of our students, you don't have much audio equipment, we recommend the Snowball USB Mic from Blue: it combines pro-grade acoustics, unbeatable ease-of-use, good looks, and a really cheap price point.

We've published a few books over the years, and we're proud to offer our latest title for sale direct from the company that wrote it.  Portable Genius for Final Cut Pro is a fast, no-nonsense read.  Unlike most Final Cut training books, our Portable Genius title is more than an extended "feature tour": Portable Genius is organized around specific problems, workflows, and needs.

If you do work on the production side as well, we've found some really nice toys for you.  Our Ultrabright LED camera light mounts to whatever you're shooting with, and throws out a full 600 lumens of daylight-temperature light.  It's cool to the touch, it runs on a battery that holds 45 minutes of charge -- and you can "tile" several of them together.  To easily smooth out your camera motion, take a look at our Lightweight Steadycam: it can accommodate up to 5 pounds' worth of camera, it packs up small, and it comes with an inverter arm to shoot at waist- or ground-level.  Plus, it works surprisingly well -- we're putting together some preview videos right now.

Sometimes, text-based tutorials don't quite give you the full picture of the process you're trying to learn.  We're building up our library of video tutorials, which we'll start selling through the store for a nominal fee.  In addition to the high-quality screencast in each tutorial, you'll be able to download the actual project files that we build during the process, and tweak them for your own use.


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