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Final Cut Pro has it's own de-interlace filter.  The following tutorial will walk you through the steps of de-interlacing video in Final Cut Pro.  Alternatively, you can also download free de-interlacing software that runs as a third party program.

Usually you don't notice interlacing during video playback; until the motion is paused, or you want to use a particular frame to freeze.  Interlacing causes the still frame to "flicker" or a jittering to the image, also caused by poor video quality, or lack of a steady hand while filming.  Here's where the De-Interlacing Filter in Final Cut Pro comes in handy.  The De-Interlacing Filter works by simply removing either the upper (odd) or lower (even) field of information from any interlaced video.  It removes half the lines and interpolates the missing lines by using the remaining lines to create a whole image, with a little softening of the image as a result.

interlaced.gif de-interlaced.gifYou can click on each image to see the difference.

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As you can see in the images above, the De-Interlace Filter solved the problem of the poor quality of the video with only some slight softening of the image.  You may not notice the difference as much on your computer, but on a TV screen, it makes a big difference.  To apply the De-Interlace Filter, from the Effects Menu go to Video Filters > Video > De-Interlace

deinterlacefilter2.gifThen you can click on the Filters Tab in the Viewer Window to see the parameters that can be changed to affect your image.

deinterlacefilter3.gifYou can also use the De-Interlace Filter if you are want to export a still image from video.  Usually when people or objects are moving, the fields capture the movement in different positions causing a shaking of the still frame.  By removing and interpolating, Final Cut does a great job creating the still image you need.  The De-Interlace Filter can also be useful if you are outputting a QuickTime Movie for computer playback, since computer screens display lines progressively.

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