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Last week, I wrote a blog about Timecode Breaks, which made me think about another subject regarding Timecode.  Even though they're not really related, I wanted to share a trick someone showed me awhile back to show the timecode over your video. 

I recently edited an event for a client who was very specific about what she did and did not want in her video.  So, to begin with, I applied a Timecode Generator Filter to her footage.  That way she could review the footage and make notes of exactly where she wanted cuts, what she wanted to use, and what she wanted to not use.

Incidentally, you might also want to check out an article about creating a visible countdown timer for Final Cut Pro.

To apply a Timecode Generator Filter, first, load your sequence into the Viewer, then simply go to Effects > Video Filters > Video > Timecode Generator

timecodegenfix.gif Wow, that was easy!  This little trick was really helpful for both my client and myself; that way, there was never any communication error between us.  Another option of adding a Timecode generator would be to put in a slug on an extra video track above the whole timeline and then apply the luminance key to the slug so you are able to see it.

Now, you'll notice that you are also given the option of Timecode Reader.  Timecode reader reads the source Timecode, meaning where in the tape the clip came from.  Timecode Generator generates Timecode from zero or a preset start time.  You can use both of these filters together on a clip and change the position of one of them to see both.
bothtcgtcr.gifOk, so another scenario:  suppose you have 30 clips in a sequence and you want to apply a Timecode reader to the entire sequence; well the problem is, every clip would start with 00:00:00;00, instead of starting at the beginning of the sequence, and running continuously.  Solution:  Nest the sequence and apply the Timecode filter to the nest. Applying the Timecode Generator can also act like a watermark.


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