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The Sony line of tapeless acquisition cameras are becoming more popular everyday. They offer a superior quality image without the hassle of ingestion tapes and all of the pitfalls that tape media offers. The most popular models are the EX-1 and EX-3 cameras, they are affordable and offer an image that is similar to Sony's upper proline cameras in the tens of thousands of dollars. Here at Genius DV we offer training on these two particular models of Sony cameras. We chose these EX-1 and EX-3 for many reasons largely due to field testing and our teachers have extensive knowledge with these cameras in the field! I have received many requests from my students to compile a list of the most popular settings to get the most out of the EX camera. These settings can always be adjusted but this is a great launching pad for successful shooting. I highly recommend setting up a Picture Profile with the settings I give you, this will not only give you a superior picture but will cut down on costly post production color correction. Also, never ever run your camera in Full Auto mode. I know this is very tempting but you will end up with a very amateurish production that is sub-par of your EX's capabilities. There are external settings and internal menu settings, I have listed them both:

Sony EX-3 Camera Settings

(Unless noted all other settings not listed, left on stock settings.)

Exterior Camera Settings:

Never turn on the Full Auto button: Yes Never!

Focus ring set to: Full MF

Iris switch set to Auto unless in controlled environment

Macro off unless shooting extreme close-ups.

Focus switch set to Manual

Adjust ND filter switch as needed

Peaking on with desired amount.

Gain Switch set to L

Run your Audio switches on Manual and set the Pot adjusters to the desired level in your headphones.

Interior Menu Settings:

Gain Setup: Low: -3db

 Mid:0 db

High: 6db

Picture Profile Settings:

Matrix> Setting: On

 Select: High Sat

Level: +20

Black> -3

Always remember to white balance often. If you are not sure white balance again and again. It makes all the difference in post! All other settings are user preference:


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