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When working in Final Cut Pro, have you ever come across something that looks like this?

medoff.gifMedia Offline means if you modify, move, or delete your media files on disk, the clips in your project lose the connection to the media files and they become offline, or unavailable.  An offline clip has a red slash through its icon in the Browser.  In the Timeline, the clip looks black or white with a "Media Offline" message in the Canvas.  In order to be able to see these clips in your project, you need to reconnect the clips to their corresponding media files at their location on the disk.

Clips must be reconnected in the Browser Window and not in the Timeline.  Clips on the Timeline are actually pointed to your sequence (in the Browser).  When you bring a clip into Final Cut Pro in the Browser, it associates it with a path directed towards a file on your hard drive.  So if that path changes or the file gets deleted, it can no longer find it.  The Timecode and the In & Out points are still the same, but since it can't find the media, it holds a "space" for it.  So how do we reconnect offline media?  You can start by right-clicking on the sequence in the Browser and select Reconnect Media.  This should bring everything in your sequence back online.  If this doesn't work, you may have to show Final Cut where it is, or let it search the whole disk.  It can get confused if there is a problem with the naming structure of the clips.  Especially if the clips have the same exact name, but are located in different directories.
reconn.gifIf you want Final Cut to search the entire disk, simply deselect the Search Single Location option so that all folders will be searched.  If you want to show Final Cut where it is and just reconnect it, choose a directory path from the Search Folders popup menu and select Search Single Location option.

When choosing the file to reconnect to, you may need to uncheck the Matched Name and Reel Only box. If you have renamed clips in the File Browser, you will have to do this, Otherwise the file you need to connect to will be grayed out.



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