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iDisk, MobileMe Benefits for Final Cut Studio

Ever wonder what iDisk is and what you can do to utilize it?  iDisk is a service offered by Apple to MobileMe members that enables them to store digital photos, movies, and files online so they can be accessed remotely.  Think of it as your own personal jump drive on the net that you can use to transfer files; your own online storage space that you can access from anywhere at anytime.  It also allows you to share files with anyone publicly.

Ok, so you have to have a MobileMe account.  In my opinion, money well spent.  Why?  Because between my iPhone, iMac, and Macbook, I can sync together my email, iCal, address book, pictures, projects and files.  So when I'm traveling, and I need a Word doc from my computer at home, and lost my tiny little jump drive, I can still access it from anywhere since I have it all synced up to my MobileMe account.  Currently, a MobileMe account is $99 a year, which gives you 20GB of online storage, and if that's not enough, you can purchase additional storage.   Essentially it's a great backup to have.  You can even sign up for a free 60 day trial if you're not quite sure.

iDisk can be a great benefit to Final Cut Pro users.  If you are editing a project with another person, or at two different locations, you can save your project to your iDisk, and another editor can pick it up where you left off, or you can have access to your project at work and at home.  Another way Final Cut Pro users can benefit from the iDisk is to save your keyboard layout, Button Bars, and Window layouts to the iDisk.  This way if you are ever editing in someone else's studio you have access to your Final Cut preferences.

Once you have an account you need only sync your MobileMe account to your Mac. Open System Preferences, and click on the MobileMe icon. If you are running Tiger, you will see a .Mac icon.

idisk3.gifHaving the Sync On enables you to keep hard copies of your files on your computer on your iDisk.  For example, when you're on an airplane, you can still have access to your files even though you are not connected to the internet.


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