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Color Correction is basically a process of evening out the color of clips in a project so that all the shots match.  Color Correction is usually one of the last steps in finishing a project.  The 3-Way Color Corrector tool in Final Cut Pro gives you precise control over the look of every clip by adjusting the Color Balance, Black Levels, Midtones, and White Levels. 

The 3-Way Color Corrector Filter individual color controls for highlights, shadows, and midranges of the color spectrum.  Which means that you can adjust the brighter areas of an image without affecting the darker parts.  You can also tell the color corrector to correct a specific range of colors. 

To find the 3-Way Color Corrector go to the Video Filters Tab under the Effects Menu.  There you will see the Color Correction Tab > Color Corrector 3-way


Now you have the ability to click on the Color Corrector 3-way Tab within the Viewer window.

colorcorrector2.gifA huge time saver when using the Color Corrector tool, is to adjust the Playhead Sync to Open, so that Final Cut will automatically open each clip within the Viewer window as you place the playhead indicator over individual clips.  This means that you only need to park over the clip that you want to color correct and the 3-way color corrector contols become instantly available.  To activate the Playhead Sync to open click on the Playhead Sync dropdown menu, which is located at the top of the center of the Viewer window.

playheadsync.gifCheck out this article for more in-depth instruction on Color Correction Layout.  Also, one of the coolest effects, the Pleasantville Effect, uses the 3-way color correction tool.  Try it out and see for yourself.

For most of us, the 3-way Color Corrector is sufficient in correcting all types of footage.  Keep in mind however, the Final Cut Studio comes with a separate application called Color.  Color is a full-blown color correction program that includes its own built-in effects interface.  Check out our Color classes to see how Color can help you.


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