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There are several ways to adjust your audio and volume levels within the timeline in Final Cut Pro.  Today, we will discuss using the Pen Tool.  You can use the Pen Tool in the timeline when Clip Overlays is turned on to create keyframes.  Keyframes allow you to change the volume in any point in a clip.

To adjust the audio levels of clips using keyframes, first turn on the Clip Overlays feature.  Clip Overlays is found in the lower left corner under the timeline.  This will display the pink lines within the clips of your sequence.
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Next, activate the Pen Tool by using the keyboard shortcut, the P key.  You can use the Pen Tool to add a series of keyframes within the clip.  To add a keyframe, move the cursor over the audio level line until it changes from an arrow into a Pen icon.  Click on the mouse to add individual keyframes.  The keyframes will be shown by pink diamonds on the audio level line.  If you have linked tracks, the keyframes will show up in both tracks.


You can change the keyframed audio levels by moving the cursor over the keyframe and dragging it up or down to increase or decrease the volume.

This is really helpful if you have some audio "pops" or just a small section of the audio you want to bring down for say, something like a voiceover.

You can also adjust the audio levels in the Viewer, rather than in the timeline.  Just double-click on a clip to load it into the Viewer, and then you will be able to add your keyrames with the Pen Tool.  By adjusting your audio in the Viewer, you get to see a larger example of the waveform.  But note, that you might want to set the Playhead Sync to Open in the viewer window.  This will sync up the playhead in the Viewer along with the playhead in the Timeline.  If you don't, it is hard to see specific areas in the viewer because the playheads in the timeline and in the viewer will be out of sync.


For more information on adjusting audio levels, click here.


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