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Just like most of the Foreign Films you see, you too can add Subtitles to your movies using DVD Studio Pro.  Adding Subtitles is not as hard as you might think. 

The Subtitle Streams (streams look like Tracks in the Track Editor) are found in the Track Editor Window, just below the Audio Tracks and are numbered from S1 to S32 (orange).  To add a Subtitle Stream, Ctrl+click in the S1 track and select Add Subtitle or Add Subtitle at Playhead.  This will place your new subtitle, shown as a yellow clip, in the S1 track with a default of 5 seconds.  You can change the duration by placing the cursor on either end of your subtitle clip and extending it or shortening it, or you can change the duration in the Inspector window.  You can also click and drag your clip to move the position of your subtitle, or trim it like a clip in Final Cut.


Under the General Tab in the Inspector we can manipulate attributes of our Subtitles. For example you can apply a Fade In or a Fade Out to a Subtitle. In the Color Tab you can change the color of the text, as well as the color of two separate text outlines.

To make the Subtitles appear regardless of whether they have been activated by the viewer, you can designate them to Force Display, which will force them to be displayed. One way to take advantage of this is creating a Subtitle to be used as a watermark.


The language can also be set in the bottom section of the Inspector.  In the track editor you will see a 2 letter abbreviation for each language substream.  You can play your video in the Viewer and preview any subtitle streams over your video by selecting different orange View buttons for each language while the video is playing in the viewer.  You can also see how this works in the Simulator by choosing different substreams in the On Screen remote control.



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