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There are several amazing title tool packages that allow you to create graphical scenes with complex motion. One of those programs is Avid Technology's Marquee. Avid Marquee ships as a plug-in with the Avid Media Composer software.

Marquee allows you to add 3D extrusion parameters to a title, or individual characters. However, it has one major limitation. It cannot import vector based artwork. This means you are not able to add 3D extrusion to graphic elements.

The work around is to convert a graphic into a font! For example, you could map a single 'font-set' with each character representing a different graphical element.


If you don't know how to create your groups pls. click here

After we created our groups and our final grades now let's apply our effects to all the selected shots of our scenes.

1.Select one of the clips.

Today I will be explaining how to create the sincity color pass effect.

1. Go to your secondary room.

Now that you have successfully imported your time line inside Color lets start by organizing our groups by scenes and shots. Inside the Setup Tab

1.By holding down the apple key + click on the shots you wish to group.

1. Select your sequence from the Bin by right clicking it a pop-up menu will appear.
Go to Send to>Color.
Thumbnail image for Picture 3.png

When you install Final Cut Studio, you also have access to thousands of sound effects and music loops. It can be a lot of work to find an appropriate sound effect within SoundTrack Pro and then integrating it within a Final Cut Pro sequence.

The good news is, you can use the 'find' feature to search files based on a specific file type. You can then drag directly from the finder window into your Final Cut Pro sequence. What a time savings!


All you need to do is activate the Mac OS X finder. If Final Cut Pro is running in the foreground, click on the 'finder icon' within the dock.


A 'find' window will appear. At the top of the window, change the pull-down menu to find 'music'. *This option is only available in Mac OS X 10.5.X or higher.


Then type in the search term within the search box in the upper right corner of the find window.


A list of matching results will appear. You can scroll through the list of matching results using the arrow keys on your keyboard. You can also play each result by simply pressing the spacebar. You can still use the arrow keys to navigate through the different sounds while playing.


After you find the sound effect or music loop that you want, you can drag the sound element directly from the find window into the Final Cut Pro timeline window or Browser.


Here's a quick tutorial on how to animate a title using Apple's LiveType so it draws on with a cloud of fog.
This effect can be accomplished by combining an animated LiveFont with a traditional font layered directly underneath it.

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