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Holding down the Apple/Command key will allow you to select multiple files, and Final Cut Pro will respect the order you select the files. I learned this by mistake, but if playing poker has taught me anything, it's that sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.  After recently making a post on how to use the large icon view in the File Browser of Final Cut Pro to create a story edit, I discovered that the same can be accomplished in the Finder.

Final Cut Pro will identify the order that you select the files by holding down the Apple/Command  key when you drag the files directly into your sequence. Using the Finder to import media into the Final Cut has specific benefits over doing the same with the File Browser.  The largest thumbnail image in the Finder is slightly larger than the large icon view in the File Browser, but when you factor in the ability to use the quick view to review images in up to full screen, the Finder becomes a much more attractive tool than the File Browser.  In addition the Final Cut Pro File Browser will scale all media to the same size thumbnail when using the icon views. This is especially a problem when dealing with still images and graphics. Photographs that are shot both landscape and portrait are displayed as landscape  in the Finder. You can tell that the portrait pictures are squished, which does indicate that they are portrait, but your ability to make educated decisions about your media is compromised , because the images don't look like they will when they get into your sequence. Using the Finder your media will be displayed in the same aspect ratio that it will appear into  Final Cut Pro. This is especially convenient  when dealing with graphics. Too often we have different aspect ratios of the same graphic, and the Finder will display them in their different aspect ratios.

If you have created stand alone media from subclips, you will be able to use this work flow to bring video clips into your sequence that will need little to no trimming.  The Finder has many uses in conjunction with Final Cut Pro.

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