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A great workflow is to ingest media as a whole i.e. an entire tape, and the export subclips to create stand alone media. Instead of beating up your tape deck, ingest the entire tape, and use subclips in Final Cut Pro to create self contained media.


Once you have your hour long source clip, you take it into the Viewer and set an in and an out at the begining and end of a portion of the source clip. Then by making a subclip you create a reference to the source clip that only refers to the selected portion of the source clip. To make a subclip you press Apple/command + U. Once the subclip is created it needs to be named. After all the subclips are created you have the decision of whether to use them as references to the source clip, or export them to become self contained media.

in_out_subclip.gif Choosing to create self contained media will certainly allow you to free up space by deleting the source clip. Only do this if you have a need for space, because there is almost always a piece of B Roll you can pick off of the source clip late in a project. Otherwise unless you need to export a self contained clip so you can reduce the processing time for the smooth cam filter, you can leave your subclips as references to the source clip. Exportng self contained media also allows you to develop an organized B Roll library.

subclip_export_self_contained.gif If you choose to export self contained media, all you need to do is highlight the specific subclips and perform a batch export out of the File Browser. Be sure to check the box to make self contained. After the export is complete you can delete the source clip and work directly from the new self contained media. You will want to make sure that the File Browser is clear of all of the old source and  reference clips before you import the new media. I typically delete everything out of the File Browser, then import the new media.


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