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October 2008 Archives

The Range selection tool is really an organic form of keyframing.  Once you have used the Range Selection tool to highlight a portion of a clip or clips, you can apply a filter for example to the selected range, and leave the rest of the clip unaltered.

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Soundtrack Pro has a very powerful tool that can stretch or squeeze a piece of audio. Speeding up a slow talking person, or taking a 32 second clip and turning it into a 30 second clip, are the two examples that come to mind when I use the time stretch function.

First step is to open an audio clip in Soundtrack Pro. You should always have the entire length of the clip be the area you need to adjust. 

Once the clip is open highlight the entire clip by clicking apple A, and then open the process menu.

After choosing the Time Stretch option you will want to select the Drop Frames format, and enter the desired length into the time window.

When the spinning ball of death appears, there is any easy way to know how bad of a spinning ball of death it is. If you are displaying the seconds on your clock in the menu bar, and the seconds quit moving....you're done. If the seconds are moving, than the spinning ball of death may stop spinning and ececute the last command.

To change the clock to display seconds, go to the system preferences, choose Date & Time, and check the box under the clock tab, that will display time with seconds.

For those of you who have upgraded from Avid Xpress Pro to Media Composer, Avid Technology has an incredible deal where you can add Avid FX, Boris Continuum, Sorenson Squeeze, and Avid DVD at a nominal cost.


This special bundle is labeled as 'Avid 3rd Party Application Bundle' on Avid's storefront. It is available to any Media Composer 3.0 customer who purchased their software 'via download'.  It's an incredible value for only $195.00.

Avid FX is basically the equivalent of Boris FX, but it is licensed under Avid Technology's name. 



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