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This Avid Media Comopser training tutorial for Avid Marquee demonstrates how to create simple but yet stunning looking titles that include 3D extrusion, beveled edges, and textures with lighting effects.

Avid Marquee is an incredibly powerful 3D titling package that is included with the latest version of Avid Media Composer.  The lastest version of Avid Xpress also includes Marquee.



Marquee includes several toolsets or modes.  To save time, let's jump right into 'Expert Animation Mode'.  In this mode, all the window properties are conveniently placed into one easy to use dialog box. 


Type a title using the text tool within Avid Marquee.  Then, click on the Selection tool, and make sure your text object is selected.. 






Click in the Click on the Surface properties tab.


Click on the 'Enable Lighting' checkbox. This will enable the front surface to be affected by lights.

When designing Marquee titles, checking this box should become an automatic habit.  Lighting can be enabled for all the surfaces, which include:  the main surface, the edges, and extrusion.

Change the 'Type' category to 'Gradient'  This will allow you to create a gradient of color that will appear on the main surface of your title.  You should see a gradient color bar that appears at the bottom of the dialog box. 

*Leave the base color set to white.  Changing the base setting will automatically tint your main surface based on this color.  This can make things confusing when combining a base color with a texture or gradient.




To add additional colors to the gradient bar, hold down the 'ALT' key and click just below the gradient bar.  This will add a yellow triangle (color stop).  Double click on the color stop to change the color. 

*To remove a color stop, press the (delete key) for PC or (shift + option) on a MAC.

Change the Mapping to Container instead of Local.  Local mapping will compress a material, texture or gradient into each individual character, as apposed to container which will map the entire texture across all the characters.  It's been my experience that mapping to a container provides a better look than local mapping.











All objects within Avid Marquee have three surfaces where you can apply colors, textures or materials.  In 'Expert Mode' within the 'surface properties' tab you will see a 3D tube that provides a visual reference of the main, edge, and extrusion areas of an object.

*You can apply different colors, textures or materials to each surface, make sure you enable the lighting for each of the surfaces to make your title look better.



avid_textures.gifNavigate to the 'textures library' window, and click on the textures tab.  Drag the 'gold wave' texture to the surface edge within the surfaces property box.  Don't worry, you won't see a gold edge on your title until you physically add an edge type to the text object.










The last step is to click on the Effect tab  in order to add a physical edge and 3D extrusion.  Change the edge type to chisel

Be careful not to overdue the edge or extrude depth size. 





  rotate_tool2.gifTo see the 3D extrusion, use the rotate tool to rotate your text object in 3D space.






You may also be interested in animating your Marquee title by following this additional highlited Marquee training tutorial. 

GeniusDV provides hands-on Marquee training as part of it's certified Avid Media Composer training course. GeniusDV is a world leader in providing class-room and on-site training for Avid Media Composer.

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