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What if I told you, that it's possible to edit an entire sequence without having to mark any IN or OUT points? You probably would think I'm crazy.

One of the most useful editing features within Avid Media Composer / Avid Xpress, is the replace command. Unfortunately, it is probably one of the most under utilized features.

This is because the function most be mapped to the keyboard or Avid interface. Most Avid users are familiar with the red overwrite command. I urge editors to learn how to use the replace function instead of always using the red overwrite command.

replace_edit_blue_arrow.gifThe replace command is a blue sideways arrow. In some ways it functions like the overwrite command, but provides additional control of the content. You can find the 'blue replace arrow by navigating to the Tools / Command Pallete menu.You'll need to map it to either a blank space within the Media Composer interface, or to a key.

avid_command_palette.gifHere's how the blue replace function works:

Park the blue position indicator within the Avid source window at a point of reference.  In a sense this could be your IN POINT.















First off, let's review how the red overwrite arrow works.


The red overwrite arrow works with IN and OUT points. Assuming you have IN and OUT points in the timeline, the red overwrite function will always edit your clip forward from the IN point all the way over to your OUT point.



In other words, using the commonly used red overwrite function requires IN and OUT points, and it always places your clip from the IN POINT all the way to your OUT POINT.

The blue overwrite button gives you the extra functionality of choosing where your point of reference is going to be.  For example, the point of reference could be in the middle, or at the end of a segment.



Better yet, you don't even need to make IN or OUT points in order for the blue replace function to work!

This means you can go through your sequence and make pre-determined edit marks using the (add-edit) function. Then simply place your blue indicator at a point of reference in your window and press the blue overwrite button.  No IN or OUT points required!




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