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Scripts, in DVD Studio, are awfully intimidating on the surface. Even though DVD Studio makes the process a whole lot easier than it would be by hand, you're still trying to write the sort of hardware-level instructions that would make more sense to, well, a programmer.

Rest assured, it's not as bad as it seems. In this series, we'll cover the basics, and some examples of how you might be able to use scripts to enhance your work.

Scripts behave like other assets in DVD Studio Pro: you create them, then link them up to other assets. Just like any other asset, you can set a script as the target for a button or an end jump. Scripts can also have a special role in the DVD's flow: you can assign a "Pre-Script" to a normal asset, and it will run before the normal asset plays.

Normally, just like any other asset, a script will make some decision about where to go before it finishes running. Most scripts will handle this with a "Jump" command, which is exactly the same kind of "Jump" as an "End Jump" in your normal workflow. And, again like any other asset, if a script finishes without jumping somewhere, your user will be left staring at a black screen. There's one exception: if you only use a script as a Pre-Script, you can finish the script with a "Nop" - shorthand for "do nothing" (or "No OPeration") - and the DVD player will return to playing the track it had started.

Once you create a new script asset, double-click to open it. DVD Studio shows the Script Editor in the bottom of the screen, and the Script Inspector at the bottom right.


Use the + and - buttons to add or remove commands, and use the up and down arrows to reorder commands.

To edit a command, click on it, then look over to the Script Inspector.


Commands tend to take the form of [verb] [noun] [noun] - you'll use the Script Inspector to set those verbs and nouns. What exactly do they mean? We'll go over that in the next part.


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