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transition_menu.gifMaking button transitions with Motion to use in DVD Studio Pro is unbelievably easy. There are a couple different ways to do this. The super simple way to produce a custom button transition is to simply output a short Quicktime movie in either Motion or Final Cut Pro and use it as a Video Transition. The very last option in the Transition Menu is Video Transition. By selecting this option you will be able to chose an asset to play when the button is selected. The asset chosen needs to have been imported into DVD Studio Pro to be available.

 Now when you select the button DVD Studio Pro will play the video, and then navigate to the target of the button. At this time audio is not available during transitions with DVD Studio Pro. If you absolutly need audio during your transition, you may want to set the buuton to navigate to a track that plays your video with audio, and then end jumps to the desired destination of the button. This may seem less seamless than using an actual transition.

The other option is to use Motion to create a transition that you will be able to embed into the Transition Menu of DVD Studio Pro. The process is essentially the same as exporting any Quicktime movie, with two differences. You will need to set a marker to indicate where the actual transition between menu and target is to happen. After placing the marker at the transition point, you will need to edit the marker to be a DVD Alpha Transition. In most cases your movie will have alpha throughout it so that it appears over your menu and target as they transition, and you will set your DVD Alpha Transition at the point that there is the least amount of alpha on screen. When you export your Quicktime movie out of Motion you will need to tell it to Use Lossless+Alpha Movie, so that your alpha channel is present.


After you have exported your Quicktme Movie, you have one more step. You need to put the movie into a folder of the exact name of your movie, and place that folder into the the Transitions folder. To locate the Transitions folder, use this navigation: Base Drive (Macintosh HD) / Library / Aplication Support / Final Cut Studio / DVD Studio Pro.

It is possible that there will not be a Transitions folder inthe DVD Studio Pro folder, if that should be the case you will need to make one.

Your transition will now be available for you in the Transitions menu within DVD Studio Pro. If DVD Studio Pro is open at the time you place the transition into the Transition folder, you will need to relaunch the app for it to be recognized.
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