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Google Sketchup Training Class


SketchUp's original tag line was "3D for everyone". This is the first class for everyone to take to learn SketchUp.

This course is designed as is with all the SketchUp classes, designed in conjunction with the official Google SketchUp learning platform to provide a fast understanding and a working knowledge of SketchUp. How it works. How to use it. What you can do with it. SketchUp is a user friendly 3D, graphic, design and animation software package that can do almost anything an architect or designer needs.

If you are unfamiliar with SketchUp Pro and/or Layout check out the YouTube video to see what's possible.

This class is part of GeniusDV's 2 Day SketchUp Training Course.
SketchUp Pro Training (ORL, FL) 9am-5pm
SketchUp Training Class ($795)
For groups of 2 or more, call for addtional course dates
Oct 17-18
Nov 28-29
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Prerequisite for this class:
A desire to learn and an understanding of how to navigate in a typical computer program.

Students who enroll in this course will be eligible to receive 3 Continuing Education Learning Units (AIA - The American Institute of Architects), (ASLA - American Society of Landscape Architects)

About the Course:
Visualizing spaces in three dimensions is critical to the success of the design of architectural spaces. The interplay of light, color, space, and form make exciting spaces function successfully. Traditional methods for exploring these issues are very labor intensive. Use of computer software has enabled quicker (and sometimes more accurate) study models to be generated, explored, and iterated more times in the design time available to you.

SketchUp enables you to draw using a familiar pencil and paper paradigm in a software context. The Mastering 3D Using SketchUp: Essentials One Training course provides students with an excellent choice for beginning to learn to use SketchUp. This course is intended for students with little or no 3-dimensional drawing or SketchUp experience, but who want to start to create 3-dimensional models using SketchUp.

To be successful in this course, you should already be able to:
•  Define fundamental geometric terms including: polygon, parallel, perpendicular, axes, arc, and array.
•  Define 3-dimensional drawing terms including: rendering, field of view, and point of view.
•  Demonstrate mouse skills including: double-click, single-click, drag, and right-click (context-click).

* You will need a basic 3-button scroll wheel mouse to use SketchUp efficiently.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
• Create 2-dimensional (2D) geometry in a 3-dimensional (3D) environment
• Create surfaces from lines
• Create surfaces from circles
• Generate surfaces from polygons
• Generate surfaces from arcs
• Demonstrate stickiness of geometry
• Create 3-dimensional geometry
• View a model in 3D
• Create surfaces from lines in 3D
• Demonstrate stickiness of geometry in 3D
• Create geometry with the Push/Pull Tool
• Move entities to manipulate geometry
• Maintain coplanar geometry
• Connect and generate forms
• Lock inferences
• Generate forms quickly
• Restore/Heal a surface
• Create a model, step-by-step
• Mirror a model
• Create an array
• Apply materials
• Create 3D Text
• Import (download) models from the Google 3D Warehouse
• Alter a model using Styles
• Import site information (imagery and topography) from Google Earth
• Position and export models to Google Earth

Google Sketchup Training Class
    New SketchUp Book!
  • 340 Full Color Pages!
  • Complete Template System
  • 5 SketchUp Example Models
  • 16 Laytout Construction Documents
  • Sample Projects
  • Building Model Examples
  • Site Model
  • Complete Construction Documents in Layout
  • Click for instant download

    Online Video SketchUp - Layout Training
  • Over 3 Hours of Video Lessons
  • 63 SketchUp Hatch Materials
  • 7 Professional Wood Textures
  • 44 Custom Styles (overlays)
  • 3 LayOut Titleblock Templates
  • 35 Sketchcation Texture Sample
  • Mask/Break Scrapbook Collection
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