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Encore Training

2 Day Adobe Encore Training Course


Are ready to learn how to make professional DVD productions?

This training course will fit anyone from the hobbyist that wants to turn all of their home movies into DVDs or to the professional who wants to produce a retail DVD any mass quantities.

Not only will you learn how to operate and be proficient with Adobe Encore but you will learn take your DVD from conception to final masterpiece. This course is based on real-world application from an instructor who works in the field everyday and has produced multiple DVDs for retail sale worldwide.


Drop-shot DVD.jpgThis course will also cover the difference between duplication and replication, learn everything from glass mastering, packaging, to hiring a manufacture for disc mass production for expert results. Learn how to create professional DVD packages from (1 to 1 million) that are ready for distribution by building a glass master. 



Here is a rundown of what you will learn in our very intense 2-day training course.

Day 1

Introduction to Encore DVD
You will become familiar with Encore Interface. The key areas covered will be the projects tab, menus tab, Timelines, library, layers palette, toolbar, workspaces and preferences.
You will learn a typical workflow to create professional DVD's and DVD ROMS. This will include the supported video and audio formats you will need to begin your DVD project.

Preparing a Project:
Preparing and planning your assets for import.

Preview all your assets and create a project for your assets.Save your project and open your saved project. Work with Project Assets, Import Project Assets, Scale and Swap Image Assets, Replace Project Assets, Organize Project Assets, Create Project Folders, Rename/Sort/Preview Project Assets, Cope with Offline Files,Use the Encore Library.

Create Project Timelines
Create a Video Timeline, Navigate the Timeline, Work with Audio Clips, Set a Timeline as First Play, Create Chapter Points and Poster Frames, Trim Video Clips, Create Image Timelines, Create Slide Shows

Create Menus, Sub Menus and Buttons
Add Buttons and Assets to Submenus, Select and Edit Menu Assets, Align and Distribute Menu Assets,
Arrange Menu Objects, Rotate and Mirror Menu Objects, Convert Objects to Buttons, Create Navigation Links, Set End Actions, Set Default Title and Menu Remote Buttons, Set Button Numbering and Routing,
Set Override Actions, Set Menu Color Sets, Preview a Menu.

Using Photoshop to create custom menus and buttons
Learn the key basics of using Photoshop to create your own elements for Adobe Encore.


Encore Interface 1.gif










Day 2
Finalizing your DVD production
This will be polishing and finalizing your DVD production. Customizing your DVD menus and Sub-menus  utilizing Adobe PhotoShop to acheive professional custom menus.

Transcode your assests so they will fit your DVD needs. Set up custom transcode settings so each asset will be formated to fit your DVD production needs

Transcode Project Assets
About Transcoding, When to Transcode, About Transcode Methods, Transcode Assets, Create Custom Transcode Presets, Manage Custom Transcode Preset

Create Custom DVD Menus
Create Video for Motion Menus, Create a Motion Menu, Add Background Audio and Set Looping, Create Animated Buttons, Preview Motion Menus, Create a Custom Menu in Photoshop, Create Background and Title Layers, Understand Button Set Nomenclature, Create a Custom Button Set, Import A PSD File as a Menu Asset, Add Alternate Audio Tracks

Finalize the Project for Output
Preview the Project, Test for Missing Links and Unused Assets, Finalize Project Settings/Set Copy Protection, Burn the Project to DVD Disc,

About Disc Replication vs Duplication and Dual-DVD Discs

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