Training in Florida

GeniusDV offers on-site, and/or remote training in the State of Florida.

We offer video editing and architectural training near all of the major cities in Florida, which include: Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, St Petersburg, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Daytona, Tallahassee, Gainesville, and Naples.

Training Testimonials in the State of Florida

Estero Fire & Rescue, FL
“Mickey’s training was easy to understand and follow and he took time to answer all of our questions and ‘what if’ scenarios.  He was patient and we walked away not only having a better understanding of our own equipment but also the confidence to use it professionally and creatively.”

Rey Ortega, Multimedia Development Specialist (Valencia Community College – Orlando, FL)  “I just wanted to say thanks for the amazing Final Cut training on Friday. I went home and recorded some footage with my dv camera and recreated what we learned to retain it better. The training made a huge improvement on the quality of my video as well as the speed of workflow. I used your recommended animation render setting to export my footage to after effects and it was phenomenal. I appreciate the time you took to show me how to export my audio and video to Protools as well. Also, thanks for recommending the after effects book by Trish Meyer and showing us Multi-Camera mode. I look forward to doing more training with your company, and I’m definitely recommending you to my industry friends. Thanks again and keep in touch.”

Special  On-Site Consultation / Training for After FX  (Orlando, FL)
Juan Carlos did a great job of brushing up my AE skills in regards to improving  my documentaries
Professor of Books – Edwin Osgood Grover – Rollings College
Langford Resort hotel – Winter Park, FL

There were two tutorials he put me through and we worked on the Ken Burns effect and some fancy titles. I’m also getting a better appreciation of the color scheme for a film. As of this afternoon, I may be using AE instead of Marquee. There are more options, particularly with key framing and easing in and out. One tutorial was on masks and blending which makes it easy to create some unusual color changes, particularly when you keyframe the mask. This was really worth it. – Ed Gfeller, Orlando, FL

Orange County, FL   Property Appraiser Premiere – After Effects Training
Hey man, thanks again for a great training class. I really enjoyed it. I was always a little intimidated by After Effects and Premiere, but since the class I’ve been jumping into both as much as possible. I’m excited to continue building on what I learned to do more video and motion graphics work.

You asked me to share any examples of video work post-class, so thought I’d share a link to the OCPA Facebook page. First project I got was a whole series of short interviews with some of our Hispanic employees for Hispanic Heritage Month which you can see here:

Nothing too fancy, but I was able to take advantage of the Adobe Premiere multi-cam sequence editing process, which helped make some pretty basic videos look much better than they would have if I had not known how to do that. They’re still rough, but not bad for my first project.

I’ll let you know if I have something more exciting to share later on, but you can check back on our Facebook page to see more videos in the near future.  Now that higher-ups see we can do some video content they’ll be pushing to do a lot more, from basic interview videos like these, to PSA’s or instructional videos, and probably even more fun stuff (for me) like animated infographics, kinetic typography, promo videos, etc.

Anyway, check out the videos if you have a chance. And feel free to give any feedback/criticism. Disclaimer – I know the color correction/color grading on some of them isn’t perfect. I found out it’s tricky to match the same color look from 2 different cameras (I followed your advice on DSLR settings but other camera is an iPad, so not as much control over that one). Thanks, Kameron Sullivan

(Velocity Video) – After FX Training
The After Effects class was outstanding.  -I even impressed myself how on the last day I was able to create jaw-dropping broadcast quality graphics using what I learned in the class and with Juan’s recipes for certain looks. I feel more confidence in my abilities as an editor and now animator. Not only was this class educational it was fun and dynamic with real examples shown on YouTube and it was tailored to exactly what I and my fellow classmates needed. I would highly recommend the After Effects course along with the creative cloud suite course. It is exactly what I was looking for to take my production game to the next level! – Sean Michael

I also took Final Cut Pro X training from Juan Carlos , and once again he was spectacular.  I came in with several video examples of certain “looks” I wanted to achieve with video. His Mastery of FCP X enabled him to go deep and we worked backwards to achieve exactly those looks and more. I also learned the hottest new FCP features that I can apply right away. Juan Carlos is also a true graphic designer who knows the tools but also the art. He challenged me to be more creative and gain a competitive edge with this powerful NLE machine. Thank you!

Also to note: He helped me add some further tools to my toolkit like Garage Band and other online sources. In regards to Garage Band, I never thought about it and at first I thought it was just a rock and roll video game for kids, but it is a powerful library of sound samplings that I can use right away for my productions.

Thanks for making it all work out John. I will be taking the motion class just have to see my upcoming schedule to make it work.  Thank you again! – Sean

Valencia Community College, Orlando, Florida: “The training at GeniusDV made a huge improvement on the quality of my video as well as the speed of my workflow. I look forward to doing more training and am definitely recommending GeniusDV to my industry friends.” – Matthew Bartoli

Osceola High School, Clearwater, Florida: “My training at GeniusDV was awesome. I can’t wait to share with my students everything I learned at Genius, they are the best!” – Debbie Rein

Kathy Cardwell – Ocala, FL – Thanks again for the two very informative days of instruction. You are a very good instructor and I felt it was very much worth my time and money. I’ve been working with Sketchup the last two days and have become fairly proficient with importing a jpeg floor plan and building walls, doors and windows. I even made scenes and animated one of the plans. What fun! I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but learned how to fix each one and working through the fixes, some of the things you explained make a lot more sense now.

Other Samples of On-Site Customers

Florida customers include:
Jacksonville, FL Fire and Rescue –  Final Cut Pro Training
Christian ‘Dior’ Cosmetics – Miami, FL  – SketchUp Training
Brevard County Schools – Adobe Premiere  – After Effects Training
Pediatric Associates – Miami, FL – SketchUp Training
Cox Public Affairs, Fort Walton Beach – Media Composer Training
Firehouse Subs (Final Cut Pro Training)
University of Central Florida – Orlando, FL
Bisk Education, Tampa, FL
Home Shopping Network, Tampa, FL
Sunshine Network, Sunrise FL – Avid Media Composer Training
Lockheed Martin – Orlando, FL
Brighthouse Cable -Orlando, FL
Pinellas County Govt – Clearwater, FL
Marion County Public Schools – Ocala, FL
CBS 4 -Miami, FL
City of West Palm Beach – Final Cut Pro X Training
Duval Public Schools – Jacksonville, FL
Telemundo Studios, Miami FL
Ram Professional Group  – Jacksonville, FL