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Tutorial - Getting Started with Sorenson Squeeze 4 (MAC users)

Note: This tutorial is for Mac users. View the PC version of this tutorial.

This video compression tutorial is provided to assist those that are new to video compression with Sorenson Squeeze 4. This tutorial will help you with understanding the basics of video compression with Sorenson Squeeze 4. The first thing that you can do is Open the Sorenson Squeeze application.


Once the application is open, navigate to the Input Window which shows an image of a File, a Folder and a Camera. Select Import File.


Once you select the Import File icon you can navigate to the file that you would like to compress. This can be a video or audio file. In this example, I use a video called RiverandStreams3.mov.


Once you select your file click the Open button in the Dialog Window.


After you select the Open button you will see your video in the Preview Window inside the Main Squeeze Interface.

Look under the Preview Window in the Batch Tree area which consists of a Setting, Destination and Progress area. You will see your input file. I will discuss this area more in a moment.


For now, navigate to the Format and Compression Settings Window and select a Compression Format setting. In this tutorial I select a Flash .FLV format setting titled _High. Navigate to the compression setting you want and select it. For your purposes you can use one of the default Format Compression settings. Notice the setting will highlight to a yellow color once you have selected it.


Next, you can apply the Format Compression setting to your video or audio file by choosing the Apply button at the bottom of the Format and Compression Settings Window.


After selecting the Apply button you will see the Format Compression setting applied to your video in the Batch Tree area. Let me explain this area in more detail. The first section in the Batch Tree area is the Setting area where video or audio files that you plan to encode appear. Once you apply Format Compression settings, the applied settings will appear attached to your video or audio file.

The area next to the Settings area in the Batch Tree section is the Destination area. By selecting your applied Format Compression setting in this section you can Right-click to get a drop-down menu that allows you to save your compressed file to a specific location. Choose the Modify Output File Name to navigate to a place to save your output file. For now, you can use the default output location. If you do not specify a custom location where you would like to save your output file it will be saved in the same location as your input file.

The final area to discuss inside the Batch Tree section is the Progress area. You should see text that says Ready. This means your file is ready for encoding.


Click the Squeeze It! button at the bottom of the Main Squeeze Interface.


Once compression starts, you will see the words Estimating followed by a Percentage and Time value. The Percentage shows the amount of the video that has been encoded and the Time value shows the amount of time left until compression of the file is complete.


The last item to cover is the Stop It! button which is displayed in the same location as the Squeeze It! button. Once you select Squeeze It! to begin your compression, the button switches to a Stop It! button. Choose the Stop It! button if you want to stop the video encoding process.

When you see text displayed in the Progress area that says Complete, your video has finished compressing.

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