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Scratching your head over the whereabouts of the Scratch Disk in Final Cut Pro.

Occasionally, you might be left to wonder "Where in the world did my scratch disk go?" Well, here are some perfectly good explanations on what may have happened. Usually when a scratch disk becomes unavailable it can mean one of the following: It may be turned off, disconnected, unmounted, moved, deleted, or renamed.
The next time you power up Final Cut Pro and the scratch disk can't be found, a dialog box with these options will appear:

Quit: This selection will allow you to quit without changing the preferences of the scratch disk.

Set Scratch Disks: This option opens the current list of scratch disks that are available and can be switched to. If your default scratch disk is unavailable, it will not appear in this list.

Check Again: This option will allow you to reconnect the scratch disk and wait for it to mount.