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Avid for PC or MAC? Can they just get along?

If you are looking to purchase an Avid Xpress Pro system, do you go with a PC or MAC? When you purchase Avid Xpress Pro it ships with both PC and MAC versions. If you wanted to, you could run the same software on two different machines (on a MAC and PC).
What are the advantages of running on a Macintosh VS. a PC?, and which system configuration is best for you? Will Avid Xpress work with Final Cut Studio applications? Can you move projects and media from a PC to MAC?

Avid Xpress on a Macintosh

You may find that it can be much easier to configure an Avid editing system on a Macintosh. Perhaps it's because there are fewer choices when putting together a system. Regardless, this can be a blessing disguise.

The stock graphics card in a qualified Macintosh is going to work with Avid's 3D-DVE engine. There are no fancy drivers or special configurations needed to make it work properly.

You may find that you can combine Avid's powerful editing interface with some of the Final Cut Studio Applications such as LiveType, SoundTrack, and Motion. Because Avid Xpress Pro supports a real-time alpha channel via QuickTime, you can import motion graphics from Motion, or Livetype directly into the Avid software.

Nothing beats the resolution of Apple's cinema display screens. You'll enjoy an unprecedented screen resolution, that leaves plenty of room for you timeline.

Just recently, Avid released Avid Xpress Pro 4.8 for MAC. Improvements include; two button mouse support in the Avid Xpress Interface, and the inclusion of the popular open-gl Marquee Avid title tool.

Avid Xpress on a PC

Running Avid on a PC requires Windows XP Professional. In general, you can get more PC for your money, than a comparable Macintosh.

If you are looking for the fastest machine, in terms of how the Avid Software functions, I would have to give the edge to a PC configuration.

A PC is going to have many more options to configure. This can be a mixed blessing, since it can complicate the configuration. But the bottom line is, you can configure your machine exactly the way you want it.

*If you format your media drives on a PC using FAT 32 partitions, the media drives can be read on a PC or MAC.

Which is more stable, PC or MAC?

With extensive experience running Avid Xpress Pro on both PC and MAC, I have no real complaints about either platform. While both platforms are very stable, the PC can lend itself to more problems because of the nature of PC viruses and people wanting to have their systems constantly hooked up to the internet. For whatever reason, the MAC seem to have less issues with corrupted software due to software viruses.

I've learned to live with Both PC's and Macintosh platforms. I personally prefer a PC. However, I think you will find advantages if you learn to deal with both platforms. In particular if you learn to integrate powerful programs like DVD Studio Pro, Apple Motion, and LiveType with your Avid software.

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