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Jeff: November 2010 Archives

In Final Cut Pro there are often instances when we need to view a clip on a lower track that is covered by a clip in a higher track. A typical amateur solution is to move the clip out of the way for a moment. This is not efficient, because you then must move it back. If you do not need to do anything but view the clip below, you could simply delete the clip, and then undo your delete. When you need to do some work while the visibility of the clip is off then you have a couple options.


To turn off the visibility of an entire track you can click on the green Visibility Control at the far left hand side of a track. If you only need to turn off the visibility of an individual clip, you can perform a Clip Enable on the clip which will toggle the individual clips visibility. To perform a Clip Enable, you can either use the keyboard shortcut of Control + B, or right click on the clip and choose Clip Enable. Whether you turn off the Visibility Control, or perform a Clip Enable, the affected clip or clips will appear faded out in the Timeline.

Performing a clip enable is often a useful function when you think you may end up using a clip that you currently are about to delete. Performing a Clip Enable will let you leave it in your project without it being seen. Tracks that have their visibility turned off, and clips that are not enabled will not appear in an export.
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In Final Cut Pro it can be very useful to not show the audio track names. Because the audio track name goes right over top of the waveform when you have them active, they can make seeing the waveform difficult. Especially at an edit where the name of the outgoing clip is right next to the name of the incoming clip. Depending on how zoomed in on the timeline you are this can make a significant amount of the waveform difficult to see. When you are trying to blend two pieces of music together, having the track names displayed can be very annoying.

To turn off the display of the names in the audio clips, you will first need to bring up the Timeline Layout Popup menu. Next move up to the Show Audio Clip Names option, and click on it. This will turn off the display of the names within the audio clips. 

The Timeline Layout Popup is also where you go to turn on the Audio Waveforms, or you can use the keyboard shortcut of OPTION+COMMAND+W.

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