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Final Cut Pro X Select-Position tools

Learn the basics of using the append edit function in Final Cut Pro X.


Before we get into some serious editing, let’s talk about the most basic way to edit media to the timeline area.

The most obvious approach is to simply select a clip in the Event Browser and drag it straight to the timeline.

Since the Select tool is currently active, notice how dragging down another clip automatically snaps to the end of the last clip.

That being said, if you are working in list view, you can also drag a clip from the skimming area. 

In addition, you can also mark pre-determined ranges of a clip before dragging it to the timeline.

Again, notice how it automatically snaps to the end of my last clip.

This is fantastic if you are building a quick montage or simple story.

That being said, if you want to place a clip at the exact place you drop it off, change this Select tool, to the Position Tool.

You’ll notice the keyboard shortcut is P to activate the position tool.

So now, let’s say I pick a range for this clip, and then drag it to the timeline. 

When I drop it off, it goes exactly where I place it.

You can also select existing clips in the timeline and place them wherever you’d like.

If you are a new user coming from Final Cut Pro 7.0, think of the position tool, as the old default method of what you are used to.

Okay, let me reset things here to continue my point.

Speaking of which, you can always undo things my pressing command Z. 

What’s also cool, there is no limit to the number of times you can undo within a project session.

Okay, so now I’ll go back to the select tool again.

Which by the way, the select tool is the default tool if you’re using Final Cut X for the first time.

So watch, moving a clip while the select tool is active performs a splice. 

Final Cut Pro will push the other clips to the right to make room for your clip placement.

This makes it extremely easy to re-arrange your clips within a story.

Okay, so now you should know the difference between the position tool, and the select tool. 

It’s really important that you’ve got these two tools down before continuing forward with the training.

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