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Creating a nest in Media Composer

You can using the nesting feature in Avid Media Composer to create a picture in picture with two different sides of content.  Check out this short video tutorial on how to do this.

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Using Avid Xpress or Media Composer, is there an easy way to flip a picture-in-picture on the x or y axis that has a different front and back? The Avid software makes this relatively easy 
using a feature called nesting. 


Edit a short clip to the Avid timeline. Then drop the pip effect icon from the effects pallette onto the clip.


Then click on the Avid effects editor button to enter into effects mode. This is where you will create a spin so your picture-in-picture rotates on it's y axis.


This will bring up the Avid effects editor window. Within the effects editor window click on the 'promote to 3D' button in the lower right corner of the window. This will promote the basic pip into a mode where you can move elements within 3D perspective.


Within the 3D effects editor, click on the 'y' rotation tool.


Go back to the Avid composer window and click on the first keyframe. The keyframe should rename pink when activiated. Make sure the first keyframe is turned on, and the last keyframe is turned off. 


Then use your mouse curstor to grab the right rotation handle, within the picture-in-picture, to flip it around to it's other side. 


You'll notice that the back is an inverted image of the same media on the front. In order to replace the video content that appears on the back side, you will need to open up the nested track. To do this, click on the red segment arrow, at the bottom of the Avid timeline. Then double click on the pip effect icon with the V1 track.


This will open the V1 track into two nested tracks. The trick is to split V 1.2 in half using the add-edit command. Park the blue timeline indicator in the middle of the clip. This is where the y coordinate of the pip is at a value of -90 degrees. Neither side should be visible within the Avid composer window. Make sure V1.2 is the active timeline track. Then click the add-edit button. This will split V1.2 in half. 


With V1.2 split into two sections, you now need to edit a different video clip into the other section. To Replace Content for Back Side - Patch the V1 source track to V 1.2. - Click the 'Mark Clip' icon to mark the second section on V1.2


Next, load a new clip that you want on the back side into the Avid source window. In this exampe, I am using a clip with the contents of fire. Then click the red overwrite button to edit the new content from the source window into the marked section on V1.2


This it!  Back up and watch your sequence.

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