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Rendering Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro

fcp_icon.pngRendering in Final Cut Pro is just one of those little things an editor has to take with a grain of salt on a daily basis.  It's a fact of life, however, there are a few little tricks to make your rendering easier. 

If you're new to Final Cut, rendering is the process of combining your video and audio with any applied effects such as transitions or filters, one frame at a time.  Once rendered, your sequence can be played in real time.  For more on rendering, you can check out these articles on Render Status Bars, and Rendering in Final Cut Pro.

Ok, so back to the shortcuts; Option+R, will render your entire sequence. Cmd+R will render only media you've highlighted, or media between an in and out point.  Using these shortcuts will give you more control over what areas of the timeline you want to render.  If you highlight a specific area that needs rendering and use Cmd+R, it will allow you a real time preview of specific effects and filters and increase your editing efficiency.

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Another great rendering shortcut worth a mention is using the Caps Lock Key to disable rendering altogether.  Sometimes, especially with effects-intensive sequences, you might want to turn off rendering temporarily while you make changes to edits in a sequence or to the settings of a motion effect or filter.  When rendering is turned off, all clips that require rendering do not appear in the Viewer or Canvas.  This way, you can work in the Timeline or in the Controls, Filters, or Motion tabs of the Viewer without waiting for individual frames at the position of the playhead to render for display.  Although this technique is used only by the most advanced of editors, it can be efficient.



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