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SketchUp is a fantastic design tool for many reasons.  Architects, urban planners and and landscape architects can now create designs and upload them to Google Earth to view their designs in the context of their locations....

google earth screen.gif

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To geographically locate SketchUp models in Google Earth is simple.  First start both SketchUp and Google Earth.  With both programs running go to Google Earth and in the search bar type in a location and for this example, we will use Orlando Florida.  Click on the magnifying glass in the search window

search enlarged.gif
you will be then taken to the location you selected, then using your scroll wheel on your mouse, zoom into the location you would like your design to be placed.  Then press the letter "R" on keyboard to reset the angle of your view to a  "top-down" view and rotate you view to "north-up" view. 

Then in SketchUp with the Google tool bar loaded click on the Google Earth logo with the yellow arrow pointing down to get current view in Google Earth

google earth toolbar.gif

This will load the current Google Earth view into your Sketchup project

SketchUp view of model location.gif
Once you have the Google Earth view in your SketchUp project, move your model to the proper location, then using the Google toolbar select the Google Earth logo with orange arrow pointing up to place your model in Google Earth.

google earth toolbar upload.gif
Then go back to Google Earth and your model will be placed in Google Earth.

model located in Google Earth.gif

Then under the layers tab, turn on 3D Buildings.

elarged layers tab.gif

and you can then see your design in context with the surrounding buildings. 

building with other building on.gif
Google SketchUp is fantastic program and working together with Google Earth the possibilities are endless.  Once what thought impossible can now be created quickly and efficiently by using both Google SketchUp and Google Earth together.  Be sure to check out our 2-day Google Sketchup Class and give us a call today for availability.
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