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dvd_studio_pro_icon.gifYou can create awesome slideshows right within DVD Studio Pro; however making sure your source material is properly prepared ahead of time is vital if you want to avoid wasting time and headaches down the road.  DVD Studio Pro lets you use most common image formats in slideshows such as PICT, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, TGA, QuickTime image files and Photoshop PSD files.  Once a still image is imported into DVD Studio Pro, it is converted into an MPEG image and if necessary, will automatically be scaled to fit the framesize.

You can create 4:3 and 16:9 slideshows.  For the best results, you should make sure your slides match the resolution of your slideshow.  Slides that are bigger or smaller than the slideshow's resolution are automatically scaled to fit.  If you have a slide where the aspect ratio doesn't match the project, a color background is automatically added to fill in the gaps.  The background color is defaulted to black, however, you can change that background color under the DVD Studio Preferences menu.


When it comes to Color in your slideshow, you will still have to conform to the NTSC or PAL video broadcast standard.  So be careful when working with pictures and/or graphics in a graphics application, because just when they look really awesome in the graphics application, it can look really different when viewed on a DVD.  Highly saturated colors can create big problems when viewed on a video monitor.  So be sure to use a filter in a graphics application to constrict the colors to NTSC or PAL color space.  You can check out this article on Broadcast Safe Filter in Final Cut Pro to see what I mean.

Now for Audio; slideshows can have an individual audio clip assigned to one or more of the stills or one or more audio clips for the whole slideshow.  When using more than one audio clip in a slideshow however, you have to make sure the audio files are all the same format, such as AIFF, have the same bit rate, and have the same resolution.

One last thing regarding importing assets into DVD Studio Pro; you can import a specific asset into the Assets Tab only once, however you can use it many times in one project.  The Assets Tab organizes all the files that are used in a project.  Once you have imported an asset, you can view information for it, such as the length, type, size, and if you've used it or not.

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