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Today's scenario is this:  You're finished working on a project for a client and he insists he only needs one copy.  He calls back a week later to say he needs 3 more copies.  But you have already dumped the project, media, etc from your hard drive in order to start a new project.  What do you do?  Well first of all, personally, I would, no matter what, make 2 copies; one for the client, and one for my own "portfolio" per say.  So you take his copy back (or the one you've made for yourself) and you simply make another copy of it from the original.  It's relatively a simple process by using the Mac's Disk Utility Application.  You will copy the information from the DVD onto your hard drive.  When you copy the original DVD you create a .dmg file, or a disk image file.  A disk image file is an exact copy of the original.  Then you burn the disk image file onto a blank DVD.  Easy right?  Here it is, step by step:

  • Insert the DVD you want to copy into your DVD drive
  • The DVD Player application will automatically launch; close the DVD Player application
  • The DVD icon will show on your desktop


  • Go to the Applications Folder and open the Disk Utility Application from the Utilities Folder

  • Select the actual DVD icon from the panel list on the left.  Then click on the New Image icon at the top of the Disk Utility Window

  • A Save As Window will popup; type in the name of your new DVD and choose a destination to save it to; in my example here, I am saving this DVD to my external hard drive named "300".  Just make sure that wherever you're saving the information to has plenty of disk space.  In the Image Format drop down menu, choose DVD/CD Master.  In the Encryption space choose "none".  Now you can click Save.  You will see your progress and also you will notice the Image File is saving as a .cdr file instead of a .dmg file; these two are similar.

  • When you are finished copying your DVD, you can eject the disk.  Now you will notice your new DVD copy in the panel list on the left of the Disk Utility window.
  • Now to make a new DVD copy:  select your .cdr file you've just created from the Panel List and click the Burn button at the top of the window; A drop down Burn window will appear for you to choose your DVD burner, speed, and Verify Burned Data.  Now click the Blue Burn button and you're done!

Just remember this is the process for copying your own DVDs; not DVDs that are Copyrighted!


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