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Keeping your media organized is huge when it comes to any editing system.  Final Cut Pro has a great feature that helps you label your clips to keep them organized.  You can assign labels to clips and media to help distinguish and sort them.  Each label has an associated color that is also applied to clips.

If you are working on a really big project, it is important to label each clip and sub-clip not only with proper titles but also with its purpose and quality.  Without the right labeling, your stacks of unused media can become overwhelming and the clutter can make finishing your video next to impossible.

Ok, so let's suppose you want to color-code the clips themselves.  For example if you wanted to use the defaulted labels Final Cut gives you, Good Take, Best Take, Alternate Shots, Interviews, & B Roll, you can go through your clips, right-click on the ones that you definitely want to use and label them all Red, for Best Take.  Note that once you select the type of label you want it appears in the Label Column in your Browser.

labels.gifOk, so let's suppose you have several tapes from a recent family vacation; and let's suppose you have your clips sorted into folders marked Beach, Zoo, Theme Park, Hiking Trail, & Pools.  First of all you can color-code those Folders if you wanted to.  Just right-click on a Folder and go to Labels and pick what color you want that Folder to be.  Now when you open that Folder, you will see that all of the clips in that folder are colored.  So this way, when you are lining up your clips in the Timeline, you can tell what folder that clip came from.

To change those labels, you can go to Final Cut Pro > User Preferences > Labels.  Then you can rename those label colors to whatever you want.

labels2.gifYes, it can be a time consuming task, but to have all of your media organized and labeled can save you a lot of time down the road, not to mention it will be much easier to work with.


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