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This Final Cut Pro effect will help you understand the principles of using keyframes. One very practical effect, is to create a moving filmstrip. Moving filmstrips can be a variety of sizes and speeds. They are practical in portraying several images in a limited amount of time.


Once you master the moving filmstrip effect, you'll be able to apply your skills to other advanced effects that contain many of the skills learned in this exercise.

*If you are an Avid Xpress or Media Composer user you can find the same steps for creating the moving filmstrip for Avid.
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Those that have Final Cut Studio or DVD Studio 4 installed on several workstations inside their internal network can look at Apple Qmaster and Compressor as an option for distributed encoding. This is one of the cool features of having Final Cut Studio and Macs available. Now before you decide to go this route you should know that the only way you'll be happy with the speed of the encoding on your encoding cluster is to have a fast network and fast workstations.


With that said you can create a Cluster with Apple Qmaster by turning on the QuickCluster with services feature in the System preferences of the Mac OS under Apple Qmaster. This option is only available for those with Final Cut Studio or DVD Studio Pro 4. Using Compressor you can send jobs to the cluster instead of to Compressor on your Desktop workstation. The workstations in the cluster can gang up on your videos to encode your output files which is very cool stuff. For example, when you send your Batch to your cluster each node in your cluster is used to process the videos which means encoding should be completed quicker. You even have the ability to check the status of your encoding on the cluster through the Batch Monitor on your client computer. A possible scenario is to have editing happening during the day and encoding going on overnight or when editing is not happening.

Exporting a Quicktime movie out of Final Cut Pro using the current settings of a HDV1080i60 sequence, and then closing Final Cut Pro, and opening the Quicktime movie with Compressor to do the encode is over twenty percent faster than exporting out of Final Cut Pro to Compressor. A test was conducted using a Powerbook Intel duo 2.2 with 2 gb of RAM. The Project was 1:45 long, and to encode straight out of FCP, it took 19:35. To export the Quicktime out of FCP, and then encode the movie, took 15:27. These numbers are certainly subject to the machine doing the encoding. Aside from the benefit of the time savings you also end up with a Quicktime movie.

Exporting a series of images from your sequence is performed a little differently than exporting a single frame image in Final Cut Pro. You can export a sequence of images in the format of your choice via exporting Using Quicktime Conversion. Set a range in your sequence for export using in and out points.

1 After you have opened a sequence into the Timeline, you can set your in and out points for export as a Numbered Image Sequence.

2 Go to File > Export > Using QuickTime Conversion.

3 Designate a place where you want the files to be saved. I recommend creating a new folder for this export.

4 Click on the FORMAT twirl down menu and choose Image Sequence from the list.


5 Click on the USE twirl down menu and choose a setting.

formatjpegfinal-cut-Pro 5 5.jpg

6 Click on the Options button in the Export Window to set other options for bit depth and compression under the Options button of the Export Image and Sequence Settings box.


7 Click OK after you have made changes in the Options menu, in this example JPEG Options, and in the Export Image and Sequence Settings box and Click Save in the Export Window to export your image sequence.

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